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Computer Services


Service Cost
On-Site Service $101
Pick-Up Service $151
Business Service2 $45/hr
Virus Removal
Computer Clean-up
New System Setup
Data Transfer
Data Recovery
WiFi/Network Setup
Police Scanner Programming4
Additional Computers/Work $205
Diagnostic $106
Tutoring $20/hr7
Photo Digitization 15¢/image8
Negative/Positive Digitization 20¢/image8

The price you pay will depend on the type of service you need, and where it is performed.

1Services performed in your house, or on-site, add a fee for travel. If we pick up the equipment, perform the work, then return it, there is a slightly higher fee due to the extra travel involved. If you drop off the equipment at our office, we only charge for the service and parts.

2Any work for business is billed at a rate of $45/hr regardless of the work being done. In some cases, the on-site travel fee is added to each visit as well, based on the distance traveled.
A non-profit organization's cost can be negotiated.

3Police scanner programming includes as many counties and agencies as you would like programmed.

4Most work is $30 for services. If the job is particularly difficult or time-consuming, that price may increase, but you will be notified beforehand. Jobs that require parts to be purchased will of course have the additional cost of the parts included. The customer is responsible for any part or return/restocking fees. Jobs involving data recovery that require the data to be returned on a flash drive have an additional cost of $5/8GB of data for the physical media to store the data on.

5Additional work done on the same job is discounted by $10. For example, a virus removal on Computer A in your home would be $10 for on-site service and $30 for the virus removal. If at the same time you have Computer B that needs a clean-up, it would only be an additional $20 ($30 normally, minus $10 since it is a secondary order). If you wait have Computer B dropped off to us, it would be counted as a second job and will be billed at the normal $30 rate. The same goes for police scanners. So, one scanner would be $30, the second scanner is $20, and then $10 for programming them in your home, for a total of $60.

6Diagnostic costs are normally included in the repair costs. The diagnostic fee is not in addition to any work performed; it is only for a diagnostic by itself. For example, if you want to know what the problem is with your computer and you drop it off, it will only be $10 for the diagnostic fee. If while we still have the system, you decide that you want to have repairs done, the diagnostic fee will be subtracted from the repair cost. In this example, the final fee would be $30 (the same as a drop-off repair). This also applies to on-site diagnostics. Please note that if you have a diagnostic-only done and then at a later point in time decide to have the work done, the previous diagnostic cannot count toward the new job. This is to ensure the condition of the device has not changed since the last diagnostic.

7Tutoring services (see our services page for subjects available) are generally billed at $20/hr, plus the location fee ($10 to come to you).

8Photo digitization is based on the number of images converted. For printed pictures the cost is $0.15 per image. For negatives or positives, it is $0.20 per image. The cost is the same whether it is black and white or color images. This includes basic color correction to match the original as closely as possible.
For an addition cost, images can be edited or retouched in nearly any way you want. The cost will vary based on the image and what needs to be done. This can include removing scratches and dust, fixing damaged images, adding or removing people, and retouching images (removing wrinkles, tattoos, etc).

We also offer digitization of documents into your desired format. Files are normally delivered as PDF or JPG. There are additional costs for sorting/collating/naming files based on their content.

Data entry/manipulation of files such as databases, excel files, groups of images can also be done, as well as creating digitally editable files from static physical pages. This would be along the lines of creating scripts for large amounts of data, or making a word document from a document that you have printed. The costs are negotiated based on the size of the job, how quickly it needs done, the format required, and other factors.

3D Printing is based on the size and amount of material used. Most objects are printed mostly hollow to lower costs. The amount of filament used, the type of filament, the quality of the print, and the time required to print are used to determine the cost of the final product.
If you require a design to be made for you, an estimate will be provided based on the complexity of the design.

Custom software costs are based on the complexity and time-frame of the project. This includes mobile apps as well as computer software.

Website costs are also based on the size of the site and the complexity of the interaction. As a general rule, most sites start around $200, not including hosting costs.
Website hosting is also available.