Expert Tech Solutions

Computer Repair

Our expert technician provides efficient computer repair services, diagnosing and fixing hardware and software issues to keep your systems running smoothly.

Virus Removal
Hardware Troubleshooting
Operating System Upgrades
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Software Design

We design customized software solutions tailored to your needs, enhancing productivity and efficiency for your business operations.

User Interface Design
Custom Software Solutions
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Network Setup

Let us set up and optimize your network infrastructure for seamless connectivity and data sharing, ensuring your systems work cohesively.

Network Configuration
VPN Setup
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Image Services

Do you ever have that picture that would have been just perfect, if it weren’t for that pesky out of place person in the background? Or maybe you really like the way you look in that photograph from years ago, but it’s faded some and you had braces back then? Maybe you just want some old images made digital and cleaned up a little? Or to take a few years off of your last family reunion shots?
Below are a few examples of what can be done for you. In addition to these, nearly anything you can think of can be done.

We also offer digitization of images from printed photos and from slides, negatives, and positives.

Negative Digitization
Custom Editing
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Website Design

Most of our websites are created from scratch, allowing for absolute control of the layout. We also offer many customizable systems such as WordPress, Joomla, and other CMS setups that can be themed to fit your needs but still leverage the power of a well-established product.

Custom .Net based Solutions
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Remote Options Available

Need a quick fix?
Does your Internet still function?
Then we can probably work remotely for you
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Police Scanner Programming

Digital and Analog Scanners
Digital Trunking Systems such as MARCS-IP in Ohio


  • Tutoring Services
    • Basic Computer Usage
    • Intermediate/Advanced Usage (Networking, configuration, etc)
    • Programming (VB, C#, HTML, CSS, ASP .NET, Java, Android, JavaScript)
    • Photoshop
    • Mobile Devices
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